The 35th America's Cup


Bermuda’s rich sailing history dates back over 400 years when the first settlers arrived by shipwreck in 1609. Two years later the settlers made their way to Jamestown, Virginia, their original destination, bringing much needed food and supplies, thus establishing Bermuda as an integral link to America’s survival in the early settlement days.

For the first time, The 35th America’s Cup will take place in Bermuda in 2017, continuing to fuel the island’s sailing legacy.  The drama will unfold in Bermuda’s Great Sound, a magnificent natural amphitheatre set amid a spectacular backdrop of islands and beaches. With a new race village to be built in the South Basin of the Royal Naval Dockyard, the island will offer an unmatched experience for sailing teams and spectators from around the world.

Bermuda was chosen as the home of the 35th America’s Cup for its temperate climate, near perfect year-round sailing conditions, optimal Atlantic location, time zone and strong sailing history