America's Cup Travel for Yacht Clubs


Welcome to the America's Cup Travel Download Hub.  Many of our Yacht Club friends wanted an easy way to share information about watching the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda with their fellow club members. So we have created a range of downloadable materials to make things quick and simple - all you have to do is choose from the selection below. If you have any queries please contact us here



Download our double sided or four page brochure to print out or email to your members.


Easy to print off and pin on the notice board or send as an email attachment. Includes full details of how to purchase. 


WEBSITE and email banners:

Pick and share via your email newsletters or put on your yacht club website - simply link to 

Decide which matches to watch with the Official America's Cup schedule

This is how the America's Cup Match, Presented by Louis Vuitton, will work

Want to know what happens in each stage of the racing? America's Cup explain it here.


Perhaps your members are just ready to sail away and book their package today...