The Kiwis Pedal Their Way to Victory!

So there you have it. The final battle in Bermuda for the Auld Mug is over with Emirates Team New Zealand becoming the winners of the 35th America's Cup!


Peter Burling follows in Russell Coutts' footsteps to take the America’s Cup back to New Zealand – only the second man to do so and the youngest at just 26 year’s old.  


The Kiwi team proved too strong for Oracle Team USA, taking the win by six points with a final score of 7-1.  Jimmy Spithill appeared, unsurprisingly, disappointed and somewhat emotional about the loss but praised his competitors, commenting to BT Sport: "what an incredible job by the New Zealand team”. 


The jubilation of this win for the Kiwis will be felt throughout the nation as the devastation and disappointment over the team's surprising loss four years ago has remained a prominent memory in many fans' minds.  


Emirates Team New Zealand performed well in the Louis Vuitton World Series events but only enough to secure them third place overall last November, with Oracle Team USA in second and Land Rover BAR in first.  In a race where "there is no second" and for a team on a much smaller budget compared to the other teams, it was looking like a mighty big challenge for these "underdogs" to win the cup.  However, with clever engineering and a team of highly skilled people, including an on board crew of Olympic gold medalists and sailing champion, Glenn Ashby, spectators have had the pleasure of witnessing, not only this team's exciting progression, but an evolution in sailing.

It's fair to say the Kiwi team stole the limelight from the start.  They creating debate about the innovative use of bicycles as an alternative to arm powered grinders and for chose to stay in New Zealand while the other teams settled in and began practicing against one another in Bermuda.


When the racing began, Emirates Team New Zealand quickly gained a reputation for rarely giving a lead away as their speedy design and team work earned them multiple victories. However it wasn't all plain sailing. Nobody will forget the dramatic capsize that saw the Kiwi boat catapult forward and endure significant damage in their match against Land Rover BAR. It threw three of the crew from the boat and left the others suspended 15 meters high in the air. The damage to the boat looked intense but within 24 hours of round-the-clock work, the boat was up and running again and they went on to win the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Challenger Playoffs just five days later. From there on there was no stopping them.  Winning almost every match against the American Team, Emirates Team New Zealand made their 35th America's Cup victory look easy! 


While the "when and where" of the next America’s Cup is unconfirmed, one thing remains certain and that’s the impact the Kiwis have had on the future design of America’s Cup boats.  The 36th America's Cup will see yet more innovation and, no doubt, more speed...and we can't wait!

Beautiful Bermuda sees a great start to the 35th America's Cup


Penalties, crashes, drama and moments of joy - it's been an emotional start to the greatest race on water out on Bermuda's Great Sound. 

It was a slight anti-climax for those who waited with bated breath for the racing to kick off on day one as Bermuda was greeted with gale force winds making it too dangerous for sailing to commence.  But despite the slight delay to proceedings, Saturday saw a strong day of racing with Oracle Team USA taking back to back wins.  The biggest moment of the day was a dramatic crash between Land Rover BAR and SoftBank Team Japan in the final 6th race.  Luckily everyone involved was safe and Skipper Dean Barker told America's Cup that the team "was incredibly lucky" followed by "what would have been worse is if their boat came a little bit higher over our hull, that would have been really dangerous." Land Rover BAR skipper Sir Ben Ainslie wrote the matter off as part of the competition and praised his team for being up to speed with their competitors after being heavily criticised in practice racing. 


Day two saw the French take their first win - an emotional victory for the team and fans after being the only team not to achieve a single win during their practice racing. It was a tense race as the French gained a 22 second lead and then nose-dived letting Artemis Racing catch up and resulting in a nervous race to the finish line.  It was also a great day for Oracle Team USA and Emirates Team New Zealand who both took two wins with the Kiwis taking an impressive 1 minute 28 second lead over the Brits. 

More drama unfolded on Day 3 in a close and heated race between Emirates Team New Zealand and Artemis Racing. The Swedes suffered a penalty at the beginning of the race for crossing the start line too early, dropping back by the space of two boats and allowing the Kiwis to take the lead.  However, they soon caught up and flew down the race course. The lead constantly switched between both teams but Artemis Racing took the lead in the final leg until they received a dramatic penalty for not allowing Emirates Team New Zealand enough room. The Swedes took the penalty, leaving Emirates Team New Zealand to cross the finish line first and win. It was later announced by the America's Cup Race Management: “we have had a discussion, we have looked at other evidence, information and data, and I think if we were to go back in time and make that call, we would green light that call and not penalize Artemis.” However the decision cannot be reversed and still stands.

Artemis Racing faced the Kiwis again on Day 4 with something to prove from the drama of the previous day. However, it wasn't meant to be as the Swedes received another penalty and Emirates Team New Zealand performed well, taking the win by 1  minute 31 seconds. Despite issues with their wingsail, Oracle Team USA took, what appeared to be, an easy win against Groupama Team France. The final race of the day was between Land Rover BAR and Artemis Racing and the pressure was on for Sir Ben Ainslie with only one win so far in the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers.  The Brits performed well, achieving the highest speed during the event so far of just over 43 knots which resulted in a comfortable lead and win.  


Whilst the weather was ideal for sun worshipers, it wasn't good for racing and so with a lack of wind, the sailing was unable to commence on Day 5 and was pushed into Thursday. SoftBank Team Japan took a much needed victory over the French.  Land Rover BAR took on two races - the first proved disastrous against the Kiwis as they fell behind by an entire lap.  Emirates Team New Zealand crossed the finish line and Land Rover BAR were so far behind that they decided to retire from the race. Their second attempt of the day proved more successful though, winning against Groupama Team France but only marginally as the French chased their opponents all the way to the finish line. The win means Land Rover BAR are through to the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs Semi-Finals and leaves Groupama Team France in a dangerous position. 

Here's how the results currently stand and today we hope to see some exciting racing as the weather forecast looks promising and the teams standby to fight for another day in the 35th America's Cup.

Are the practice races telling us anything?

The tension is rising in practice racing as we get ever closer to the start of the 35th America's Cup. 

The final week of practice racing is upon us and we've already seen a lot of drama and action. Now we're only 2 days away from the beginning of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers but are we any closer in gleaning who stands the best chance of winning the America's Cup? Here's our latest summary... 

The Crash

We felt a bit sorry for Emirates Team New Zealand last week.  Not only did they start the week by breaking their rudder but this was followed by a media frenzy the following day after Land Rover BAR crashed into the Kiwis' boat during their practice racing.  The result; a metre long hole in the starboard side of the Emirates Team New Zealand's port hull and therefore no more practice racing for the team until this week. Ben Ainslie admitted that it was his mistake when talking to the Guardian but added "If you're not pushing, it's not racing".  The gloves are well and truly off!  

Fighting Fit

SoftBank Team Japan had a great week of practice racing last week which saw them take five wins and completing all three days of practice racing. Although there is no sign of them resting on their laurels as Skipper, Dean Barker, tells the America's Cup: "everyday that you go out on the water, everyone is improving at a very rapid rate".  

Yesterday we saw each of the teams take a win except for Groupama Team France who haven't gained a single victory during their practice racing. Are they learning enough to pull it back when they go head to head with Oracle Team USA this Friday? 

The Secrets

Despite all of the practice races the teams' performances aren't all that transparent.  Behind the closed doors of the team's bases they are busy analysing data, tweaking boat designs and all the while working hard to keep their learnings and designs under wraps. 

Artemis Racing had won 9 consecutive practice races during the very first rounds of practice racing and continue to do well with two wins out of three in recent practices.  But Reuters reported that skipper, Nathan Outteridge, is not sharing the team's top speed with anyone.  He said "We don't want anyone to know how fast we're going" and followed with "It's all pretty even right now. Everyone is trying to learn about their performance. People are pushing their boats as fast as they can". 

Courtesy of Oracle Team USA  

Courtesy of Oracle Team USA 

Meanwhile, after initially dismissing the idea of using pedal-powered grinders, reports have been released that Oracle Team USA have integrated some sort of bicycle-mechanism with their existing grinding capabilities. The cycle system will sit behind skipper Jimmy Spithill but it remains to be seen if this will be enough to push the team to a winning advantage! 

As it stands, nobody knows who will take the win in this thrilling series of races so watch this space because it's all for the taking! 

If you want to join us out in Bermuda to witness this incredible event, we still have availability on our Official Spectator Packages. If you're looking to head out on the water to see the action up close you can also purchase your tickets here.

Hotel of the month: Pompano Beach Club

A tropical paradise over looking the island's southwest coast with endless views of those Bermuda blues!


Considered as one of the best beach spots on the island, Pompano Beach Club is situated on the west end of the island in the parish of Southampton. The 35th America's Cup will take place at the Royal Naval Dockyard which is only a 15 minute taxi ride away. The resort also provides a complimentary shuttle bus to/from the bus stop at the entrance of the resort and to Rockaway ferry stop.   

Style & Character

Many of the guests explain that it "feels like Bermuda" when they arrive at Pompano Beach Club and we're not one to argue with them.  The classic 'Bermuda pink' buildings are nestled on the coast and surrounded by lush greenery.  The sensational views overlook a stretch of pink sand and sparkling, turquoise ocean - any stresses you brought to the island will soon melt away. 

Service & Facilities

The staff here are keen to ensure that the family-owned vibe is continuous throughout their guests stay which means service is of the highest standard and is consistently raved about on travel sites such as Trip Advisor, whom also awarded the hotel with a certificate of excellence.  

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the easy access to the island's top rated golf course - Port Royal, which is right next to the resort. 

Guests of the hotel also have access to the following:

  • Private Beach
  • Outside pool and loungers
  • Three oceanfront Jacuzzis offering panoramic ocean views
  • 3 restaurants 
  • Water sports rental for snorkelling, kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing
  • On site spa


Pompano consists of 75 rooms in total situated within one and two storey pink buildings, each offering ocean views. The following amenities are included in every room: king-size bed (or two twin beds upon request), telephone, cable television, mini-refrigerator, hair dryer, bathrobes, iron & full-size ironing board, coffee maker, digital mini-safe, am/fm clock radio with MP3 player, internet access and toiletries.  

Food & Drink

During your stay you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at three on-site restaurants.

Cedar Room Restaurant - there are only a few restaurants in Bermuda that offer the indulgence of a five-course meal and this is one of them. The menu changes nightly and offers fine meats and local seafood. A self-served breakfast is also served here. 

Coral Reef Cafe - the perfect place for an alfresco lunch of afternoon snacks accompanied by panoramic ocean views. Situated next to the pool, Coral Reef Cafe has a casual vibe and relaxed atmosphere making it the ideal place for beach bums and anyone looking to wind down over a meal. 

Ocean Grill - another casual affair at Pompano, this bistro style restaurant features two tiered windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, making up three sides of the restaurant and offering incredible views of the waterfront.  The menu offers an array of options across their appetizers and mains including salmon, chicken, pork, lamb and seafood.


Package prices start from $1,089.50 per person* and includes five nights at Pompano, airport transfers, tickets to board our official spectator boats for the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers and complimentary 35th America's Cup merchandise.  

For late availability, deals and bespoke options drop us an email and our dedicated team will be in touch. 


*based on two people sharing during our five night Qualifiers package


5 facts about America's Cup sailors that you may not know...


Since the dawn of the America’s Cup, the role of the sailor has been ever developing and evolving in line with sailing engineering and the progression of technology. 

We've come a long way from the grandeur days of sporting blazers and white chinos on board big yachts - fast forward to the present day and our America’s Cup sailors now appear as gladiators preparing for battle, and when you look at the AC50s it’s no wonder.  These high powered, high speed catamarans can reach 60 miles per hour whilst flying above the water – a very different picture from the days of the J-Class yacht; a single hulled, 150 tonne beast which reached top speeds of 14 miles per hour.

Christian Kamp, Artemis Racing

Christian Kamp, Artemis Racing

As the design of the boats have evolved, the demands on the human factor have increased - the power and strength required by the sailors, along with their strategy, tactics and team work, are constantly being pushed to the limits.   

Here are our top five facts about the 35th America’s Cup sailors:

1) It’s all about the weight – the crew can only weigh 525 kg in total so that’s 87.5kg per sailor.  But there’s more to weight distribution than averaging.  The power required to work the hydraulics requires a lot of muscle so the Grinders are naturally heavier.  Although Emirates Team New Zealand have bucked the trend by opting for cycle grinders which means less muscle required and therefore an opportunity to redistribute weight or lose it all together.

2) The AC50 requires constant power and this has to be done with the smallest crew yet - just six can be on board. To put this into perspective, in the days of the J-Class yachts, you'd find a crew of 30 men on board and even in the previous America’s Cup a crew of 11.  

3) During rigorous training sessions the sailors burn, on average, 7,000-8,000 calories a day.  To burn the equivalent you'd have to swim front crawl at a consistently fast pace for 9 hours!

Jimmy Spithill, Oracle Team USA

Jimmy Spithill, Oracle Team USA

4) To deal with the high pressure environment sailors have been subjected to intense mental exercises and challenges. Jimmy Spithill told CNN that whilst training with the US Navy Seals the team took turns to be submerged in ice baths and could only be released when their exhausted team mates had correctly completed a complex puzzle. If they got the answer incorrect they'd have to sprint 50 meters and try again whilst trying to avoid being led to distraction by the sound of chattering teeth!

5) During a race, the average sailor will operate at 85-90% maximum heart rate - only the best conditioned athletes are able to exercise at this level for long durations. This is why the America's Cup team describe them as "beasts" stating that these guys "have the aerobic fitness of Tour de France winner Chris Froome and the anaerobic fitness of Usain Bolt."

And whilst we've pointed out some of the amazing physical factors, don't forget these sailors are also multi-tasking and so the cognitive demand is just as great as the physical. It truly is a unique sport and in only a few days time the world will witness these top athletes in action at the Louis Vuitton Americas' Cup Qualifiers and with only one thing on their minds; win! 

Only one month to go until the 35th America's Cup

It's only a month to go now until the 35th America's Cup kicks off with the first round robin races of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers. So what's the latest from the water and what have the teams been up to?


Six boats, one title
All six teams are now on the island and have launched their America's Cup Class (ACC) boats on Bermuda's water, with Emirates Team New Zealand the last to complete the field on the Great Sound.
The Kiwi boat has been gathering a lot of interest as they unveiled their unique pedal system to power the yacht's hydraulic systems over the conventional arm grinders. Initial runs have looked good as the team continue to fine-tune their runs ahead of their opening race against Groupama Team France on the opening day of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers on May 26th.

Artemis looking strong

Earlier this month the teams took to the water for some unofficial practice racing, with the Swedish team Artemis Racing dominating proceedings and winning all of their nine races. Oracle Team USA came in second with five from nine victories under their belt, followed by SoftBank Team Japan with two of seven races.
Talking to 'Sailing World', Nathan Outteridge, Skipper at Artemis Racing said: "We've had a really good race period here in Bermuda, all of the teams on the island have been racing hard. We've had some really close battles, really close starting. Tacking duels around the course forcing umpires to make decisions, it's everything we expect it's going to be come May and June. It's going to be close and we're just working on getting better and better each day."

Practice, practice, practice 

The current round of practice racing is due to come to an end this week when the results will be announced and we'll see who is coming out on top. The sailors caught up with America's Cup yesterday - here is a snapshot of what some had to say about the practice racing:

Ben Ainslie, Land Rover BAR: "I think each of the teams are at a different stage of their development.  Yes it’s a challenge but we’re confident and we’ve got a lot of potential gain between now and the cup!"

Jimmy Spithill, Oracle Team USA: "It is an indicator of how teams are doing, there is no doubt about that. Are teams showing their full colours? Probably not.  I think this is showing just how tough this will be and that will be one hell of a boat race!"

Franck Cammas, Groupama Team France: "I think we have good potential with our boat…in only one month we have to be ready- it’s very short but we have to take every day to improve." 

Fuku Sofuku, SoftBank Team Japan: "I think overall we’re pretty happy with where we are at.  Yes, there is a lot of hard work to come but the best part of the campaign is coming so it’s very exciting!" 

It's definitely heating up down here in Bermuda and we can't wait for the racing to start. There is still availability across the island and a range of packages available to meet your needs so you too can be part of the 35th America's Cup. Bermuda is waiting.

All You Need to Know About Grotto Bay

Private beaches, lush tropical gardens and beautiful, dramatic caves - this resort is a holiday in itself!


Grotto Bay Resort is located at the water's edge on the east side of the island in Hamilton Parish.  It's a mere 5 minute drive from the airport and sits close to many points of interest including Blue Hole Park, the Crystal Caves and the infamous Swizzle Inn and Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlour. 

Style & Character

This grand resort is of typical Bermudian style, hosting eleven brightly coloured cottages which span across 21 acres of tropical gardens and woodland. The estate slopes down towards three beautiful private beaches with stunning views of Bermuda's turquoise water.  

Service & Facilities

Grotto Bay has won TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence, two years in a row and the resort continues to receive highly scored reviews, most of which talk of impeccable service and great value for money.  

There is plenty to do and see within the resort and guests can enjoy:

  • 3 private beaches
  • Outdoor pool and Jacuzzi 
  • 3 restaurants
  • 4 outdoor tennis courts
  • 24 hour exercise room
  • Free WiFi throughout the resort
  • Access to water sports activities including snorkeling, diving, wind surfing and sailing
  • On site cycle rental shop
  • Spa located within Prospero Cave
  • Cathedral Cave with swimming access

The caves at Grotto Bay make this a truly magical and unique hotel stay.  Only a few steps from your room are two ancient caves for you to explore, both lit within to illuminate the beautiful rock formations and each with a bright blue subterranean lake.  Take a swim in Cathedral Cave with waters that go as deep as 30 feet or visit the resort's spa, located in Prospero Cave, for a unique and relaxing experience in the most dramatic and naturally serene setting. 


Grotto Bay is a full service resort consisting of 201 rooms within 11 cottages. Guests can enjoy spacious, clean and newly furnished accommodation which echo the traditional style of Bermuda and includes a marble feature bathroom.  Rooms also include a coffeemaker, iron and ironing board, refrigerator and safe plus access to free WiFi. 

Food & Drink

There are three restaurants to enjoy on site:

Hibiscous Restaurant - the perfect place to eat if you're after a more formal dining experience. They serve breakfast and dinner from their menu of traditional European cuisine with a Bermudian twist which changes frequently.  

Palm Court Restaurant - a more casual affair with a wonderfully tropical ambiance. The perfect place to enjoy a coffee, cocktail or fish and chips, quite literally, under the palm trees.  

Bayside Terrace - here they serve lunch and all your favourite cocktails along the water's edge where you can enjoy great views and wonderful Bermudian weather! 


Prices start from $445 a night on an all inclusive basis*. Travel Places also offer a wide range of package options from Memorial Weekend right through to the final week of the 35th America's Cup.  Our packages include airport transfers and tickets to board our Official Spectator Boats so you can enjoy the 35th America's Cup up close and out on the water!


*price is based on two sharing as part of our hotel only offering with a 3 night minimum stay in a standard room.


It's been a busy start for the sailors

What a year it's been so far as the teams gear up for the greatest race on water...

November 2016 saw the end to the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series events with Land Rover BAR taking the regatta and overall series win. But with little time to recuperate, the teams quickly got to work on preparing for the ultimate event - the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda.  We've seen a lot happen since the beginning of the year - here are some of the highlights:

Boat Launches

MAGIC BLUE - Artemis Racing

MAGIC BLUE - Artemis Racing

HIKARI - SoftBank Team Japan

HIKARI - SoftBank Team Japan

RITA - Land Rover BAR

RITA - Land Rover BAR

AC50 - Orcale Team USA

AC50 - Orcale Team USA



NEW ZEALAND - Emirates Team New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND - Emirates Team New Zealand

The Rules

One of the unique aspects of the America's Cup is that the winning team and respective yacht club become the trustees of the event and are therefore responsible for outlining the terms of the next edition.  This has previously led to last minute rule changes, teams being disbanded and expensive equipment being made redundant.

However, January saw five of the teams; Oracle Team USA, Land Rover BAR, Groupama Team France, Artemis Racing and SoftBank Team Japan, sign a new framework agreement that determines the format of the next two editions; the 36th and 37th America's Cup.  This now allows teams to plan for the future, knowing how much it will cost, what kind of boat they need to build and that the rules won't change on them.  It is also hoped that this type of consistency will make it more accessible to sports fans around the world with the events taking place every two years and the belief that the new protocols will double team entries. 

Emirates Team New Zealand have yet to agree to the framework which could mean further changes if the team go on to win the trophy.  

Making The Headlines

It's all in the legs?

Emirates Team New Zealand took the limelight last month as their most evident innovation to their new boat was revealed - a cycling grinding system as opposed to the traditional arm grinders.  Could this new source of power be a game changer and trophy winning move by the Kiwis?

A sigh of relief

Sailor Graeme Spence from Oracle Team USA was thrown overboard during a team practice session this February.  It was a close call as you can see from the photo where he narrowly misses the sharp foil. Luckily the sailor was unharmed and was soon back on board.

rp151018_lvacwsbd2_2554 (1).jpg

The opening ceremony is unveiled!

Organisers of the 35th America's Cup have announced that racing will now start at 5pm on Friday, May 26th. Before the match kicks off, the opening ceremony will be held in the America's Cup Village where fans and guests can enjoy music, live performers, fireworks, Red Bull skydivers and some exciting entertainment.

The teams continue to train hard every day and prepare for their chance to win the America's Cup and there is still a chance for you to witness this moment. Take a look at our Bermuda packages which include tickets to watch the racing from onboard our exclusive spectator boats.

All You Need to Know About Cambridge Beaches


Escaping the everyday is easy to do at this tropical resort, surrounded by acres of lush gardens, endless ocean views and steeped in over 300 years of Bermudian history...



Cambridge Beaches can be found at the West End of Bermuda, straddling the shores of Mangrove Bay and located near the Village of Somerset.  It takes a mere five minutes by car or boat to reach the Royal Naval Dockyard, making it a perfect location for spectators of the 35th America's Cup this May and June.


Style & Character

From the moment you arrive, you know you've discovered somewhere truly special. This hotel maintains a homely feel in that unique Bermudian style yet the combination of Bermuda stone, hard wood beams and the variety of antiques also encompasses the building's rich history which dates back to the 1600s.  Cambridge Beaches has a distinct layout, consisting of individual cottages scattered across the resort. This was the first property on the island to establish a cottage colony which has gone on to influence the design of many other popular resorts - it's this unique aspect that provides guests with space and privacy even when the resort is full. 


Service & Facilities

As an adult only resort, Cambridge Beaches provides guests with the perfect chance to escape everyday life.

You'll find plenty of things to keep you entertained but we highly recommend taking advantage of the resort's private beaches and secluded coves. These are waiting to be discovered by guests as their access points aren't always apparent, adding to the resort's charm and allure. They are ideal locations for spotting marine life, including turtles, and are perfect for those who enjoy exploring or sunbathing!

On-site amenities include:

  • 3 tennis courts
  • On-site spa
  • 3 restaurants
  • 1 outdoor pool
  • 1 indoor pool
  • 4 private beaches plus secluded coves and islands
  • On-site marina with rental access to all types of watercraft including jet skis, sail boats, kayaks and paddle boards



The owners of Cambridge Beaches have worked hard to provide guests with a unique stay and this is reflected in their decor where each cottage is different in size, layout and colour palette. Cottages offer marble bathrooms and bath amenities, robes and slippers, 300 count bed linen, CD player and radio, flat screen TV, refrigerator, complimentary WiFi, private patio or terrace, coffee maker and toaster.   


Food & Drink

Cambridge Beaches offers some of the best food and drink on the island with it's restaurant Breezes rated #1 in Somerset Village and both Tamarisk and Shutters feature within the top 5.

Choose to eat fine dining cuisine inside by candle light or outside, under the stars at Tamarisk. The menu is inspired by multiple cultures and the attentive staff will go above and beyond to ensure your meal is a memorable experience. Breakfast is also served here.

If you long for dining al fresco by the ocean, Breezes is the place to go for both lunch and dinner.  Enjoy the fantastic setting of Long Bay Beach and a delicious Caribbean style menu plus a selection of specialty summer cocktails.

Or for those wanting to lounge by the infinity pool whilst enjoying the views of sailboats and shimmering water you can enjoy a casual dining option at Shutters.



Book your official 35th America's Cup spectator package today and stay for 5 nights from $2,694* per person.  If you want to witness the spectacle of the 35th America's Cup Match presented by Louis Vuitton select our 'Finals' package.  Prices for this start at $2,988* per person but hurry, as the excitement builds around the event these rooms are getting snapped up fast!

*Prices start at $2,694 per person based on two sharing a garden view room for five nights from May 25th - May 30th 2017. Prices for our Finals package start at $2,988 per person based on two sharing a garden view room for five nights from June 15th - June 20th 2017








The biggest battle of the 35th America’s Cup is on the horizon

This month marked 100 days to go until the 35th America’s Cup arrives in Bermuda.  With the excitement mounting over this extraordinary sporting event we look at why you’re not going to want to miss the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers…


May 26th to June 3rd presents a thrilling experience for locals and those visiting the beautiful island of Bermuda.  Firstly it follows Bermuda Day (May 24th), the locals’ bank holiday which marks the beginning of summer on the island with many people celebrating by jumping into the sea for the first time since winter.  The streets will be lined with crowds who gather to watch the annual parade and road race as part of the day's celebrations that encompass the island’s culture and heritage; giving visitors a true taste of Bermuda.


Once the warmth of welcoming the summer to Bermuda has you promptly settled into island life, it will soon be time for the 35th America’s Cup to begin. The Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. Michael Dunkley, JP, MP tells us what this means for the country:    


“This truly is a historical and exciting time for Bermuda. It seems like only yesterday we announced to the world that Bermuda would be the home of the 35th America’s Cup. Now here we are, weeks away from hosting this incredible sporting spectacular – an event that has only been hosted in eight other locations during its history.  [It] offers us an unparalleled opportunity to shine on the world stage and demonstrate the innovation, ingenuity and warm hospitality for which we are known for. 
The competition promises to be exciting and dramatic with the world’s best sailors battling it out on 45-foot “flying” will truly be an event not to be missed!”

So what's in store for you as you make your way to Bermuda's Great Sound? You'll meet fellow supporters and rivals from around the globe as sailing fans gather at 2pm (Bermuda time) on May 26th to watch the very first match of the Louis Vuitton Americas Cup Qualifiers. Until June 3rd all six teams, Oracle Team USA, Land Rover BAR, Artemis Racing, Emirates Team New Zealand, Groupama Team France and SoftBank Team Japan, will battle it out against each other in a series of round robin races. Spectators are in for a dramatic treat as these determined sailors take to the Great Sound in their newly released boats and fight it out to be in with a chance of progressing to the next stage. This is the only part of the event where you’ll be able to see all of the teams in action, making it an unmissable stage for sailing fans around the world.   


Sir Russell Coutts, CEO of the America's Cup Event Authority, the organising body for the 35th America's Cup, and five-time winner of the America's Cup, explains what spectators can expect from the event:


"For me, the 35th America’s Cup has the potential to be the best America’s Cup yet. We have the fastest boats in America’s Cup history, being raced by incredible athletes, the best sailors, racing America’s Cup Class boats on beautiful Bermuda's Great Sound. This is the perfect racecourse - flat, crystal clear, turquoise, warm waters with variable wind patterns that will present the teams with new challenges every day, all in a stadium style setting, surrounded by Bermuda’s stunning coastline. That is obviously at the center of what will take place from 26th May to 27th June, fantastic racing action in Bermuda that will captivate the world."


And what about the sailors? How will they feel as they finally reach the first day of racing?  Sir Russell says:

“…you go through months and years to prepare for the America’s Cup itself. You work as a team and also you set your own personal goals, and the feeling of excitement and determination is almost tangible as you head towards the first day of racing. Obviously as a sailor you want to win, that is the goal, to win each match… but every single day is important. It is all about dedication, determination, enthusiasm and belief.  [From your opponents] you want a good battle, you want a strong competitor, a crew and a boat that are going to push you, but obviously you also want to win!”


Ready to join us for all of the action? Don't miss the greatest race on water - book your Qualifiers Package here.  


All You Need to Know About Coco Reef

Coco Reef

The hotel where sun, sea and sand are your top priorities for the day…


Just 10 minutes from the city of Hamilton, Coco Reef is located on Bermuda’s South Shore in Paget. The Royal Naval Dockyard, where all of the sailing action takes place, is only 30 minutes away by road.  Visit the picturesque Elbow Beach which is next door and merely a few steps away.


Style and Character

Guests are often in awe of the award winning, design innovation of the magnificent lobby that welcomes you on arrival.  You’re surrounded by marble floors, chandeliers and dark woods.  A casual and calming atmosphere washes over you as you take in the beautiful surrounding gardens and a stunning private beach that just invites you to lay in the sun and relax.  


Service and Facilities

As you’ll find with a lot of Bermudian hotels, service is of upmost importance and this is certainly the case for Coco Reef. The staff are friendly and welcoming, ensuring your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

On site amenities include:

  • Beach Access
  • Ocean View and Beach Front rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Complimentary Golf at Newstead Belmont Hill Golf Course
  • Tennis Courts
  • Hotel Bar
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Restaurant with outside dining


Rooms are authentically Bermudian in style and offer all the home comforts of boutique style hotel. Guests benefit from air conditioning, coffee and/or tea Maker, free Wi-Fi access, hair dryer, mini fridge, private bathroom, telephone and television.  All rooms come with a superb view of the ocean.


Food and Drink

Enjoy your diner at the Spanish style restaurant, Café Coco where you're able to enjoy your picturesque surroundings by opting to dine outside if you wish.  Choose from an eclectic menu inspiring by world cuisine and dishes using local produce such as their signature fresh Bermuda Rockfish presented on a bed of crab risotto with a lobster velouté

At the time of writing the hotel is undergoing refurbishment, creating two separate restaurants - one inside and one solely focused on dining outside.



Stay at Coco Reef hotel from only $1880 per person* when you book a 5 day Qualifier package


*based on two adults sharing

Bermuda - a great location for every traveller!

Crystal Caves, Bermuda -

Crystal Caves, Bermuda -

Lonely Planet travel experts have named Bermuda as one of their top countries to visit this year and it’s not difficult to understand why. From the moment you arrive it feels as though you've found paradise and for a small island its surprising just how much this country has to offer. So here's our round up of why Bermuda is a great destination for every type of traveller: 

The Sport’s Fan

It’s impossible to talk about Bermuda this year and not mention the America’s Cup!  It is the biggest event the country has played host to and the buzz amongst the locals is palpable. The event starts at the end of May 2017 and runs for a month, so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to get up close to all of the sailing action and enjoy the competition for the oldest trophy in sport. 

There are endless activities to enjoy if you want to be more involved in sports.  One thing Bermuda is renowned for is golf. There are six world class courses to choose from, many complete with surrounding ocean views and each with their own challenges. 

For the fishing fans you’ll know the Atlantic Ocean is home to all sorts of catch, so why not jump on board a charter boat and join others in trying to hook an impressive prize!  

Of course there are plenty of water sports to keep you entertained from paddle boarding to kite surfacing to jet skiing and kayaking.  The clear water makes it a fantastic location for diving and swimming too. 

For those who love tennis, enjoy a stay at hotels such as the Fairmont, Cambridge Beaches, Elbow Beach, Newstead, The Reefs or Rosewood Tucker’s Point and you’ll be able to work up a competitive sweat, day or night.  

Luxury Lover

If you’re interested in the finer things in life, Bermuda is the place to be. Lili Bermuda is an elegant perfumery based in Bermuda’s oldest town, St George. Enjoy the art of perfumery with Master Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone at one of her seminars and customise your own indulgent scent that will forever remind you of this unique island.    

Almost all of Bermuda’s luxury hotels and resorts have in-house spa facilities and treatments and users can often enjoy the tranquillity with unique perks such as a private beach, garden surroundings, ocean views or a cabana by the pool. 


Pink sand beaches and crystal clear water makes Bermuda a top destination for anyone who simply appreciates the beauty of basking in the sunshine within beautiful coastal surroundings.  And when you’re not at the beach, you’ll find a pool and sun loungers at most of the island’s hotels.  All you need to bring is a good book (although you can often find these at the hotels too!)

The Explorer

Measuring only 53.3 square kilometers, you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of things to explore during your stay.  The Crystal Caves are one of Bermuda’s biggest attractions. Discover this beautiful labyrinth under the ground and take in the awe inspiring formations thought to be millions of years old. 

See and learn about Bermuda’s wonderful and unique sea life and wild animals at the Aquarium and the Zoo. From harbour seals to flamingos to golden lion tameron monkeys and the oldest resident of the zoo, Oscar the Alligator - there is plenty to see and do. 

Bermuda's architecture is a unique blend of styles, from pastel stone cottages to 18th century forts you'll encounter many impressive buildings - check out the top 10 to look out for. 

One of the best ways to learn about Bermuda is by experiencing its local cuisine which has been influenced by multiple cultures of the years. We've put together our top pick of restaurants that will ensure your trip is full of flavour! 

Hotel of the month: Elbow Beach

Open your door and step out onto a private beach surrounded by an infinite view of the ocean...


Not too far from the City of Hamilton and located in the centre of the island within Paget Parish. The hotel leads its guests to a long stretch of pink sand and turquoise ocean along Bermuda's south shore - perfect for lounging in the sun or participating in a range of local activities. There are great transport links to the Royal Naval Dockyard including a bus stop at the front of the hotel. 

Style and Character

Upon arrival you'll be greeted by a stately lobby comprising of dark marble floors and elegant decor, surrounded by 50 acres of pristine gardens and glorious views of the ocean. The grandeur of the main building teamed with it's contemporary guest rooms and relaxing surroundings make this the perfect beach break. 

Service and Facilities

The staff at Elbow Beach will go above and beyond to ensure their guests are happy and catered for. As well as private access on to the beach, guests can benefit from the following:

  • Free form swimming  pool with poolside cabanas
  • 5 tennis courts (3 lit for night time access)
  • 3 restaurants
  • Private and exclusive spa
  • Fully equipped fitness room
  • Free WiFi
  • Complimentary water and sodas
  • On site jogging trail
  • On site kayaking, canoeing, rowing and snorkeling with other activities close by
  • On site cycle shop where guests can rent mountain bikes, scooters and motor bikes to explore the rest of the island  


The hotel comprises of 98 guest rooms and suites which offer generous amounts of space and amenities to allow for a comfortable and relaxing stay.  Within these sophisticated and 'beachy' rooms guests have access to comfy slippers and plush terry bathrobes, a Nespresso coffee machine,  high definition TV and audio system with i-pod docking station plus a private terrace.

Food and Drink

The resort boasts three restaurants:

Mickey's Beach Bistro - the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy a seafood dinner right on the beach. Great food and an awe inspiring view is why this restaurant has been voted the second best in Paget

Cafe Lido - if you're in the mood for a fine dining option this is the place to go.  We recommend booking as it is open to the public who enjoy the restaurant's Mediterranean inspired menu and superb wine options. 

Sea Breeze - best known for it's sushi and tapas that can be enjoyed on the restaurants open terrace complete with panoramic views of the beach.  We recommend enjoying the view with a cocktail from the bar!


Prices start at $2212.50 per person* based on our 5 night Americas Cup Travel package which also includes airport transfers, tickets to watch the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers on board our exclusive spectator boats plus a free official America's Cup cap. 



*Based on two people sharing a Lanai Room at Elbow Beach as part of The Qualifiers Package (5 days).



Land Rover BAR ahead of the pack with win in Fukuoka


Land Rover BAR are in pole position for the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda after winning the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series in Fukuoka, Japan. But as the two days demonstrated, there’s still all to play for in the world of wildly unpredictable America’s Cup racing...

The weekend played host to the six teams - SoftBank Team Japan, Groupama Team France, Land Rover BAR, Oracle Team USA, Emirates Team New Zealand and Artemis Racing who battled it out in a tense series of nail-biting races. As the series opened the first race was tightly contended with Emirates Team New Zealand making a promising start. 

Groupama Team France were left frustrated after picking-up penalties and defending champions Oracle Team USA enjoyed brief glimpses of victory. However it was Land Rover BAR who stamped their authority throughout sailing with controlled aggression and winning with one race to spare. In a dramatic final, they won the regatta in a tiebreak against Artemis Racing after executing an incredible final leg pass of Oracle Team USA.  

The win means Land Rover BAR enter the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers with two bonus points giving them an early advantage for the first set of round-robin races starting on 26th May 2017.

There are exciting times ahead for Ainslie’s team who now have the very real possibility of bringing home the oldest trophy in international sport for the first time in its 165 year history. But all could change as the countdown to Bermuda begins and teams spend the forthcoming months focusing on their boats, competitor scoping and race readiness.  

For many teams Christmas will be the last break that they’ll have before racing starts for the America's Cup. We wish the teams a well earned break and look forward to the excitement of Bermuda in 2017...

Hotel of the month: Royal Palms


Royal Palms truly defines ‘getting away from it all’, immersing its guests in the luxury of a paradise island combined with a homely boutique hotel. 


The hotel is well situated within easy walking distance of the city of Hamilton.  This also gives you easy access to the dock yard via public ferry, taking approximately 20 minutes.

Style and Character

Quaint and cosy rooms comprising traditional English décor sit within this charming, family owned hotel.  The hotel is made up of two coral coloured manor houses and white-roofed cottages and is completely surrounded by beautiful gardens.  Making you feel at home is the number one aim of the Royal Palm’s award winning service where nothing is too much for their guests.

Service and Facilities

We highly recommend unwinding in the serene gardens with a good book and a glass of wine but guests can also benefit from:

  • 2 restaurants including the award winning Ascots
  • Freshwater pool with loungers
  • Complimentary wine hour each evening in the hotel lounge
  • Complimentary gym passes to The Athletic Club, a short walking distance from Royal Palms
  • Free WiFi and hard wired internet available in each guest room
  • Wireless printing available for lap tops, iPhones, iPads, and handhelds with AirPrint and EPrint
  • DVD movie library


Keeping in touch with its quaintness, the hotel has only 32 rooms, each individually and uniquely decorated.  The vast majority offer a mini kitchen (fridge, microwave, toaster, oven, bar sink) and all rooms offer modern amenities such as flat screen TVs, DVD players, iPod docking stations, bathrobes and toiletries.

Food and Drink

Enjoy lunch or dinner at Ascots known as the “best restaurant in town” and winner of several awards.  Herbs and fruits grown in the gardens of the hotel are used to compliment the “Progressive Continental Mediterranean” menu which consists of other locally sourced produce. And it’s not just about the food – the restaurant is also renown for it’s extensive and exquisite wine stock, housed within their own wine room which can also host small, private dinner parties of up to 14 people. 

Just 24 is the hotel’s more casual dining option offered to guests on the outdoor enclosed patio within a beautiful garden setting.  


You can escape to the Royal Palms hotel as part of your exclusive America’s Cup package.  Prices start at $1880 per person*.   

6 Great Places for Live Music in Bermuda


If you want to enjoy the full Bermudian experience when you visit the island you'll want to scout out the local live music. It's everywhere in Bermuda and so the BTA let us in on some of their favourite places...


There are two great live music options at the Fairmont Southampton, an upscale resort on Bermuda's South Shore. Head to the open-air Dock at the Waterlot Inn to listen to local live music and take in a spectacular sunset. The Jasmine Lounge is as sleek and stylish as its name implies, offering expertly crafted cocktails and light desserts while live musicians provide a perfect late-night soundtrack.

No matter what night of the week it is, you can find a party at the Pickled Onion, located on Hamilton’s popular nightlife destination, Front Street. Dance the night away with everything from classic rock tunes to deep reggae grooves and the latest club hits. 

When the sun goes down on Elbow Beach, get ready to chill. The Big Chill at Sea Breeze Lounge offers sushi, tapas and cocktails under the stars, with live vocals and instrumentals supplying some soulful and beach-appropriate sounds.

A popular stop located in the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, the Frog & Onion Pub is a great spot for late-night live music in a classic British pub atmosphere. Enjoy some English pub food and a cold beer brewed onsite at Dockyard Brewing Company, the island's only brewery. 

The Reefs Resort & Club is always a dependable spot to catch some of Bermuda’s most skilled musicians in action – not to mention a great place to sip a delicious wine, beer or handcrafted cocktail. The music spans a variety of genres, including R&B, classical, top hits, Spanish guitar and club DJs.

Located on Hamilton's Front Street, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach gets bumpin’ after dark with DJs spinning danceable tunes into the wee hours of the morning. Added bonus: Pub food is served until midnight, and it's also a great place to catch a sporting event.

We're also expecting America's Cup to announce a live music programme any day now which will add to the fantastic atmosphere and Bermudian experience of the 35th America's Cup. 

All You Need to Know About The Reefs

The Reefs-Bermuda

Perched above the pink sands of one of Bermuda’s most beautiful private beaches, The Reefs is undoubtedly a hidden gem. 

A family run hotel that has been in operation since 1947, the resort is famous for its award winning service and stunning views.


Located within easy access to both the Dockyard area (20 minutes by car) and the Great Sound where the racing will take place we think that The Reefs is a great option for America’s Cup fans looking to come to Bermuda next year.

Style and Character

This hotel is all about incorporating boutique sophistication and coastal style to create an intimate and luxurious experience for its guests. 

Service and Facilities

For those who truly want to lay back, relax and let the resort fully entertain them, guests can benefit from:

  • Spa -La Serena is one of the top ranked spas in Bermuda and is extremely popular with locals 
  • A secluded pink-sand beach
  • Freshwater infinity swimming pool
  • Hot tub
  • Complimentary water sports equipment
  • Two all-weather tennis courts with complimentary equipment
  • Fitness center
  • 4 x restaurants


The Reefs has 84 rooms, many of which have been recently refurbished, each room features a balcony or patio (all of which have views of Bermuda’s spectacular sunsets), large renovated bathrooms, working desks and sleeper sofa’s.

Food and Drink

The hotel also has 3 restaurants, Ocean View and Aqua Terra as well as Coconuts.

Start your morning with breakfast at the Ocean View, set stop limestone rugged rocks and equipped with panoramic views of the ocean through curved walls of windows.  

Experience New World Cuisine in Aqua Terra which offers a fresh take on island classics that you won't find anywhere else. 

One of our personal favourites is Coconuts, a wonderful restaurant that is located down by the beach and is perfect if you're in the mood for a laid back and relaxed dinner. 


America's Cup Packages at the Reefs Resort and Club start from $2,626 per person for five nights.*

One of the best features of The Reefs is the hotel’s service, everyone will know your name by the end of your stay and the staff go above and beyond to make sure that you have the best experience possible.  A look at the hotel’s trip advisor page will tell you all you need to know about the level of service and what their customers think.

So to sum up, if you're after guarenteed views and a top rate service, The Reefs is the place to go and it will leave you wanting to return time and time again. 

Fancy staying here? Book your America's Cup Travel Package here. 


*Prices based on the America's Cup Travel Qualifiers Package with two sharing a room

David 'Freddie' Carr - My World Series Highlights


As we approach the last Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Event we asked Land Rover BAR's, David 'Freddie' Carr for his top highlights of the season so far.

In at number five

There are certainly some strong contenders for the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series highlights but I'd have to start with New York City. To see the sailing in that urban environment made for some spectacular images. Land Rover BAR didn’t do that well in terms of racing - we didn't sail too cleanly and we finished 5th overall. But racing in such an iconic city was something I never thought I'd see or do. It was a highlight not just for myself and the team but I think for everyone involved in the event. 


I would have to say my forth highlight would be the very first World Series Event. We met with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and I realised at that point, even though it was just the first event, just how big this America's Cup World Series was going to become. I could sense the kind of swell and momentum that was already behind it and we were so excited that we were going to be in the mix! To take the sport of sailing to a new level in terms of spectator enjoyment was huge and of course we also won on this occasion - what more could you ask for?

Third place goes to...

Third highlight for me was winning in Oman. A lot of us within Land Rover BAR have worked for Oman Sail and it meant a lot to win in a place where we have spent a lot of our professional sailing careers. To win in a regatta where we didn’t sail that well and we had to sail through the fleet where we came back to take top spot was a great achievement and it showed just how unpredictable this sport can be!


The final race in Chicago takes second place for me. Land Rover BAR, Emirates Team New Zealand and Artemis Racing all crossed the finish line with only a second and a half between us.  Luckily we nailed the last shift in to jump from forth to second place in that race, boosting us from forth to second place overall. A classic moment that shows just how close these races get. The crowds in Chicago were also on great form.  

Top Highlight

My number one highlight to date has to be crossing the finish line to win in Portsmouth this July. With a record crowd of 150,000 people and just hearing them cheer when we crossed the line isn’t something I ever thought I would experience in sailing - to see the amount of home support that we had was just mind blowing!

Land Rover BAR currently sit top of the overall leader board and are looking to grab those vital 2 points heading into Bermuda next May.  But with so many strong challengers who knows what to expect from this month's final Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Event in Fukuoka.   

For live updates on the event which starts on the 18th November, visit


Why Bermuda Is the Perfect Host


With the 35th America's Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton getting closer, the Bermuda Tourist Association tell us why Bermuda is the perfect choice to host the big event this coming May...

1. We've got deep sailing roots.

Ever since its founding four centuries ago, Bermuda and sailing have gone hand in hand. After all, Bermudians invented the Bermuda rig, which is still in use on 95 percent of all sailing yachts to this day.

2. The Great Sound is the ultimate natural amphitheater.

The race takes place on Bermuda's Great Sound, a superb stage with crystal blue waters and pink-sand beaches that creates a stunning backdrop for the world's greatest sailing competition.

3. Sailors love it here.

Don't believe it? Here are ten reasons why Bermuda is a sailing paradise.

4. We're in an ideal location for an international sporting event.

The America's Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton is a truly international event, with teams and fans coming from all over the globe. Bermuda is centrally located: just a two-hour nonstop flight from the US east coast and only seven hours from London.

5. The island hosts some of the world's most prestigious sailing races

Sailing history is made every year in Bermuda, thanks to the wealth of sailing competitions that bring the world's best sailors to these shores. Leading up to the 35th America's Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton in 2017, the island will host such popular events as the Argo Gold Cup (October 2016) and the Viper North America Race (November 14-19, 2016). Check out a full sailing calendar. 

6. Bermuda's British charm lines up just right with the history of the America's Cup.

While the America's Cup has developed into an international event, its roots are definitely British - the original event took place between the Isle of Wight and the south coast of England. As a British Commonwealth Overseas Territory, Bermuda still retains a good measure of British charm - with plenty of island soul mixed in.

7. The island offers more than enough "proper fun."

Let's face it - Bermuda is a dream destination. There are those legendary beaches. There are delicious island flavours. There are endless outdoor adventures. There are more pro golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world. And Bermudians are the most welcoming souls you'll find anywhere. Warning: you may not want to leave.  

8. We know how to throw a party.

A great event deserves a great celebration. The Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series last year was accompanied by the very fun Our Bermuda Festival plus the infectious rhythms of the America's Cup Jam, featuring Shaggy and Maxi Priest.  The 35th America's Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton in 2017 will be an island-wide party … so why not join the fun? Find out how you can join us in Bermuda here.

Hotel of the Month - Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Hamilton _Princess_AerialView

Having recently undergone a $100 million restoration, the “Pink Palace” has returned to its original grandeur complete with modern accommodation and stunning views over Hamilton Harbour.


Pembroke Parish, just outside of Hamilton, Bermuda.  The hotel is just a 5 minute walk from the shopping, dining, and nightlife of downtown Hamilton and only 14 minutes from the Bermuda National Gallery.

Style and Character

The hotel’s classic pink exterior stands in sharp contrast to the minimalist columned lobby, where soaring white walls appointed with works by artists from Andy Warhol to Tom Wesselmann give the space the feel of an airy modern art gallery.  An array of popular art pieces are scattered among installations by local artists through corridors and open common spaces.

Service and Facilities

The official home of the 35th America’s Cup, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is both a house of luxury and entertainment.  A water sports facility allows guests to tour the island on Jet Ski tours, pontoon rentals, Boston whaler boat rentals, kayaks, Hobie cats, paddle boards, private boat charters, and snorkeling tours.

The exclusive Princess Beach Club is just a short ride from the hotel by private jitney where it is located on the South Shore along a sheltered turquoise swimming cove that meets a crescent-shaped stretch of soft white-sand shoreline.

If you want to visit Bermuda by boat, the hotel has reinvented its marina housing up to 60 berths, ranging in size to accommodate vessels, tournament fishing boats and super yachts.

  • Infinity pool
  • Spa & Pool
  • Gym
  • Exclusive Beach Club
  • Water sports
  • Marina
  • 4 Restaurants
  • WiFi


The hotel comprises of a 400 guest rooms, 45 suites and 13 junior suites.  Guest Rooms are beautifully appointed with stately wooden furniture, marble bathrooms and sophisticated interior design.  Opt for one of their suites for the best balcony views, indulgent living spaces and designer details. 

Food and Drink

Choose from four culinary venues during your stay, three of which are new venues and include Bermuda’s first and only celebrity-helmed restaurant, Marcus’. The open air venue is led by internationally-acclaimed Chef Marcus Samuelsson and hosts a colorful subway-tiled 30-seat bar lined with teal high-backed stools, surrounded by mid-century wood tables, leather banquettes and a private dining alcove decorated with Warhol's work.  The menu celebrates Bermuda's vibrant flavours, freshly-caught fish, and locally-sourced seasonal ingredients.

The new 1609 Bar & Restaurant, a harbour-side cocktail bar and grill situated on the hotel’s new marina  is an open-air dining structure that offers a laid-back social atmosphere and a menu that includes charcuterie and flatbread pizza as well as classic Bermudian cocktails such as the Rum Swizzle and Dark & Stormy. stunning waterfront views from every vantage point

With a design that beautifully reflects Bermuda’s rich colonial history, Crown & Anchor is an informal dining option. Historic maritime paintings and handsome hardwood tables are among the details that make Crown & Anchor an immersive experience for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.


America's Cup 5 night packages at the Hamilton Princess start from $2,790 per person*. 

Find out more about America's Cup Packages here.


*based on two people sharing a double room